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Champion Roof Cleaning offers professional hard washing services that effectively remove deep-seated stains from various surfaces. Our high-powered techniques are customized to tackle Port Arthur’s specific cleaning challenges.

What is Hard Washing?

Hard washing refers to the process of cleaning a surface with a high-pressurized blast. When you think of pressure washing, this is the kind of washing you most likely think of. The PSI is normally set to a higher number; depending on the surface and the toughness of the stain trying to be removed. Hard washing may also be referred to as pressure washing, or power washing. 

Hard Washing Uses

Hard washing and pressure washing are synonymous when it comes to using a high-pressurized blast for this pressure cleaning system.
Here are a few instances where a hard wash will perform better over a soft wash:

Why Choose Hard Washing?

Rigorous Cleaning

Our hard washing technique provides thorough cleaning, eliminating even the most stubborn buildup and discoloration from surfaces.

Quicker Clean

Why hand scrub when you can hard wash? Using a high-quality hard washing system set to the right PSI makes cleaning simple and saves time; suitable for various residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Using high PSI in hard washing is already highly effective at blasting away stains, but we combine it with an industrial-grade detergent specifically formulated for your stain. This removes stains more efficiently and effectively for an immediately brighter look.

Our Service Areas in Port Arthur, TX

power washed clean house
Residential Properties

We specialize in rejuvenating the exterior of residential homes, making them look fresh and inviting.

Commercial Spaces

Our hard pressure washing services are perfect for commercial properties, creating a clean and professional atmosphere for customers and clients.

pressure washing industrial building
Industrial Facilities

We cater to the cleaning needs of industrial facilities, helping maintain a safe and clean environment.

Our Hard Washing Process

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Why Choose Champion Roof Cleaning for Your Pressure Washing Needs?

With a proven track record in Port Arthur, TX, Champion Roof Cleaning stands as your trusted choice for hard washing and exterior cleaning. Our skilled team guarantees remarkable outcomes and personalized attention.

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